. Rajbinder Singh


Multilevel marketing (MLM) industry has emerged as a new era of marketing across the world. The business of MLM companies has gained an exponential growth over last few years in India. The range of products offered by MLM companies tends to allure the customers to purchase the products. Many success stories of these companies in a very short time and mammoth sale of their products fuelled our curiosity to ascertain the product attributes offered by MLM companies which have the highest level of contribution in influencing the consumer perception while purchasing the products. Generally, Customers evaluate the products on the basis of its intrinsic attributes (e.g., quality, color, shape or physical characteristics) and extrinsic attributes that are not part of the actual physical product (e.g., price, brand name, and packaging). A large scale survey was conducted to collect the primary data, after that factor analysis applied on the data in order to clubbing the similar responses variables in one factor. The findings of this study revealed that product quality, price, brand, easy availability and quantity are some of the key attributes of MLM products which influence the customers to purchase the same. Moreover, service, country of origin and company image has also significant impact on customer perception.


MLM, Product attributes, Intrinsic cues, Extrinsic cues, Consumer behaviour

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