. Eritriya Roy,Prof. Dr. Usha Dubey


The growth in agricultural sector has not been inclusive. Also there has been growth in credit flow to agriculture over the years in absolute terms but yet there are many serious issues that need to be addressed. Indian agriculture is at crossroads and one of the major challenges is to reverse deceleration in agricultural growth. Main reason for deceleration in agricultural growth is declining investment particularly public investment in agriculture research and development and irrigation combined with inefficiency of institutions providing inputs and services including rural credit and extension. This paper attempts to study the role of commercial banks in agricultural credit and the role of agricultural credit in the development of Indian agriculture. This paper is descriptive and analytical in nature. Secondary and Electronic resources have been largely used to gather information and data about the topic. The papers is concluded stating that only increase in agricultural credit is not the solution of the problems of agricultural sector bit the terms of the credit should be modified in order to help the poor farmers.


Agricultural credit, Inclusive growth

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